Downtown Truckee


Moody's Bistro & Lounge - Truckee CA.

The Truckee Cam is located at and hosted/sponsored by the historic Truckee Hotel and Moody's Bistro & Lounge on  Donner Pass Rd. in Downtown Truckee. This location affords a variety of exceptional elements in view, including trains, traffic, downtown streetscape and the Sierra Crest to the southwest (for weather and sunsets).


Hello! The Truckee Cam is streaming fine. If you are having issues seeing the live stream, please log out and then log in again. If your account has passed it's end date, perhaps you'd like to renew your subscription. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have issues. Best, Eric

I can't seem to get the webcams to work either. Maybe I need to renew?

I called the truckee hotel to let them know that i see lots of wasps flying in and around the camera while i was watching from my home computer. They could be building a wasp nest in the wall or in the camera.

Looks like something smacked the Truckee Hotel Cam over away from the nice RR crossing + Donner Pass Rd view to an all Cottonwood panorama.. Loved the old view being able to watch the incoming weather and trains coming east into town. A move back and a polish would be great as we start the snow season. Dirt collects snow/ice which renders it covered and blind during the best parts. Thanks.!

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