"Goin Viral" - Covid-19 & the Symptoms

As the the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt life as we knew it, a creative duo based in North Lake Tahoe has released  a new song and music video with a humorous take on the global crisis.   
The song, titled “Goin’ Viral”, tells the story of a struggling rock star, named "Covid-19", and his band, the “Symptoms” who embark on a world tour in support of their hit song of the same name.
"We’re hoping it will generate a little tongue-in-cheek comic relief and a brief respite from the stress and anxiety we’re all dealing with” says Eric T. Brandt, who co-wrote and produced the song with animator, Tamara Warren. 
The idea and project began in mid March, when the coronavirus pandemic was officially in the U.S. and on everyone's mind. While Brandt and Warren were tossing around song ideas after listening to the news updates on the spread of the virus, the song began to take shape. "What better time to work on the songwriting and an animated video than while we’re stuck at home?," says Brandt.    
Brandt is a music producer/songwriter who has worked with, performed, and produced so-called ‘novelty'  music  (The Surf Punks and Eric T. & the Skis) and also produced music for film and television,  Brandt describes the song as a "parody-comedy-satire-metaphorical song" performed by a fictional musician/rock star named Covid-19 and his band, the Symptoms. 
The song tells the story of Covid's song "going viral" and his rise to fame via social media. "The parallels of the spread of the coronavirus, with the path of a popular song 'going viral' were too clear and too funny," says Brandt. “We couldn’t resist.”
The accompanying video, animated by co-writer and artist Tamara Warren, adds to the comic appeal of the song as Covid, a cute, virus cell-shaped character, travels and performs on his world tour as his song heads to the top of the charts. Ultimately, Covid comes to terms with the reality that he’ll be "done and gone" since his fame as a one-hit wonder makes him destined to fade away.
As a bonus, Covid leaves his audience with a new “dance" they can learn while stuck in their homes. "It's kind of like an educational line dance," says Brandt. "It's a fun reference to now well-known practices like social distancing, covering your face, and hand washing.”
While the song does poke fun at a very serious and deadly global pandemic, Brandt and Warren's intent is to bring a little humor in these dark times. “We’re all in this together, and people can use some comic relief," says Brandt. "Our hope is to generate some smiles and a few laughs,” Brandt adds, "and we’re excited to be donating all proceeds from downloads of the song to Covid-19 relief efforts.”
The song, "Goin’ Viral” is available on most digital music distribution platforms. Proceeds from song downloads will be donated to Covid-19-related relief organizations and efforts.
Song downloads and more info can be found at http://goinviralsong.com  and on social media at #goinviralsong and on Facebook at@covid-19andthesymptoms 
The music video is available on YouTube at:  https://youtu.be/yRbWeS3OSg0https://youtu.be/yRbWeS3OSg0