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Since its launch in early 2005, Tahoetopia has grown organically to become a top portal for timely and valuable information about the entire Lake Tahoe/Truckee area for both visitors and residents. Tahoetopia's useful content attracts tens of thousands of site visitors every month and continues to grow each year. Annual traffic averages over 1.3 million page views, with approximately 750,000 unique visitors, generating over 11 million ad impressions for local businesses.

Tahoetopia is a unique and highly-effective marketing tool for businesses wishing to reach the Lake Tahoe area visitor market as well as local residents and second home owners.

Advertising on Tahoetopia is:

Compare the cost of a banner ad on Tahoetopia to any other locally-targeted medium - radio, print, TV, direct mail, rack cards, etc. On Tahoetopia, you'll pay less and get more return on your investment.
Most other local advertising options only come out occasionally. Your ad on Tahoetopia rotates 24/7, providing daily, repetitive exposure of your business, direct to a highly targeted and qualified audience.
Your ad won't be lost in the cluttler, hidden on some inside page, where you hope someone might see it. On Tahoetopia, your ads rotate on all pages, throughout the site, including the front page, news pages, webcam pages, weather pages, and so on.
MOBILE-OPTIMIZED: is a completely mobile-friendly website, displaying your ad, and your directory listing to users on all kinds and size of devices.

You will know exactly how many impressions (times your ad has been 'shown') and click-thru (how many times it has been clicked on, taking people directly to your website) over the course of your campaign.

Your ad, when clicked, takes interested web-searchers direct to your website.

Tahoetopia not only captures the local market, but attracts visitors and second home owners as well - people you want to reach! Tahoetopia traffic is approximately 40% in-market (Tahoe area), and 60% out of market (Northern CA/NV. and beyond).
Your ad can change easily, allowing you to modify your message or offer as you please. You can run more than one banner version or campaign at a time, too! (additional charges may apply)
Advertisers on receive multiple banner sizes, increasing presence on the site, and driving more clicks. In addition, all advertisers received a complete, category-specific Featured Listing in our robust and mobile-friendly Business Directory.
Tahoetopia is locally owned and managed. It was created to help connect businesses to the Lake Tahoe area visitor and resident market.

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